Welcome to the Blake Cryptographic Society


The Society has been established to support and maintain the Blake Cryptographic Ecosystem within the Blake community.

The Blake Cryptographic Society is a Fellowship of the world’s most eminent Blake community members, supporters and developers. As the Blake Cryptographic Ecosystem has grown it has become clear that additional support for the Blake Cryptographic Community has become increasingly necessary due to attacks by botnets, hackers, rouges and scoundrels.

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Why Blake?

Blake is a fast secure cryptographic hashing algorithm designed as a replacement for SHA-2 for the NIST SHA-3 competition it was further performance tuned for the Blake Cryptographic Currency Systems’s while maintaining a high level of security from attacks with a provable independently tested margin of security.

Blake also uses the HAIFA construction method to protect against length extension attacks while increasing the possible efficiency without sacrificing security or increased collisions. Unlike the Merkle–Damgård construction method HAIFA avoids the need to use a double hash as seen in SHA-256D to gain resistance as commonly used in Cryptographic Currency Systems’s.

• simplicity of the algorithm
• interface for hashing with a salt

• fast in both software and hardware
• parallelism and throughput/area trade-off for hardware implementation
• simple speed/confidence trade-off with the tunable number of rounds

• based on an intensively analyzed component (ChaCha)
• resistant to generic second-preimage attacks
• resistant to side-channel attacks
• resistant to length-extension”. (quoted from here)

It is possible to perform resource intensify tasks without having performance issues. This can be clearly seen when comparing to other algorithms such as Scrypt, Grøstl and Keccak when used for similar tasks using high resource utilisation.

The focus will be on fast efficient high performance algorithms for the Blake Cryptographic Ecosystem technologies developed and supported.