Grade Description
Junior members Only have to pay a nominal entry fee in a supported Blake Cryptographic Currency System.
Members Have to regular pay a membership fee in a supported Blake Cryptographic Currency System.
Associate members Members associated to the Blake Cryptographic Society and must pay a regular nominal membership fee in a supported Blake Cryptographic Currency System. Associate is the first level of professional membership but has only partial rights and privileges
Life-Time members Blake Cryptographic Community members who do not have to pay fees.
Senior members Professional Blake Cryptographic Community members and maybe in control of other applications and services within the Blake Cryptographic Ecosystem and must make a regular nominal donation
Fellowship members Professional Blake Cryptographic Society members nominated and chosen from Blake Cryptographic Community. They have shown direct involvement and made positive improvements within the Blake Cryptographic Ecosystem and have always shown professional behaviour including signing the Blake Cryptographic Society seal with a digital signature.

Every Fellow shall have the right to:

  • participate in activities of the Society that are open to all members;
  • receive information about the Society and its activities;
  • benefit from such other privileges as may be determined by Council from time to time.

The governing body (council of five elders,五大老) will be nominated from the within the fellowship and will partake in making the necessary decisions for the future of the Blake Cryptographic Ecosystem.
Initially the great elder will invite trusted, respected, professionals from the Blake Cryptographic Community who met the necessary entry requirements to become fellowship and senior members. After the positions for the council of five elders has been filled, fellows may invite and nominate other professionals into the Fellowship.
A council member (great elder, 大老) will be responsible for representing the entire Blake Cryptographic Ecosystem by his or her actions and comments, so only the most respected from the Blake Cryptographic Fellowship are nominated and selected as council members.
A great elder can choose to use anonymity or pseudonymity entities as long as entities act within accordance to the code of conduct, standards, rules and statutes.

Funding & Fees

The Blake Cryptographic Society will operate on donations and membership fees. All supported Blake Cryptographic Currency Systems are accepted for support and to fund projects to further develop the standards, protocols, administration, and the technical infrastructure needed to support the Blake Cryptographic Ecosystem.
The funds will be controlled by the governing body (council of five elders, 五大老) who will decide where the funds are needed and how there are to be allocated i.e. promotions, fees, expenses and future projects.
Each year, the Blake Cryptographic Society will offer a percentage of its income for a project inspired by Blake Cryptographic Community.