The Ecosystem

What is the Blake Cryptographic Ecosystem?

The Blake Cryptographic Ecosystem includes but not limited to Blake Cryptographic Currency Systems which provide peer to peer payments to anyone in the world. The Blake Cryptographic Ecosystem encompasses all the necessary technologies needed for Blake Cryptographic Currency Systems to function including future developments to ensure the technologies continue to develop, improve and be utilised.

Currently the Blake Cryptographic Ecosystem includes several supported Blake Cryptographic Currency Systems which can be used at the same time using merge mining technology.

Why Blake?

Blake is a cryptographic hashing algorithm and was performance tuned for Blake Cryptographic Currency Systems so that it is possible to perform resource intensify tasks without having performance issues. This can be clearly seen when comparing to other algorithms such as Scrypt, Grøstl and Keccak when used for similar tasks using high resource utilisation.

The Blake Cryptographic Society will focus on utilising the Blake Cryptographic Hashing Algorithms in all the technologies developed and supported. The focus will be on fast efficient high performance algorithms over resistant slow ones.

Why do we need the Blake Cryptographic Society?

As the Blake Cryptographic Ecosystem has grown it has become clear that additional support for the Blake Cryptographic Community has become increasingly necessary due to attacks by botnets, hackers, rouges and scoundrels. The Blake Cryptographic Society has been created to address these problems surrounding the Blake Cryptographic Ecosystem by providing the necessary support frameworks, standards and rules necessary to combat these issues.