Expulsion will be used to stop members, people, organisations and groups operating within the Blake Cryptographic Ecosystem who do not adhere to the common rules and standards.
Any Blake Cryptographic Currency System not adhering to the agreed upon rules and standards will be excluded by the Blake Cryptographic Society and as such will not be supported by the Blake Cryptographic Community.
Anyone who is excluded will not be allowed to join the Blake Cryptographic Society or if members already they will be removed expelled after notification by the governing body (council of five elders, 五大老).
Services that are offered by excluded people, organisations and groups will be considered by the Blake Cryptographic Society to be operating outside the Blake Cryptographic Ecosystem.
Warnings will be issued online via the Blake Cryptographic Society forum of the dangers from excluded people, organisations and groups. View the Trusted Software webpage for trusted associated and affiliated Blake Cryptographic Ecosystem Applications, Software and Services.