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    Recently changes were merged to the source of blake bitcoin on github including the most recent version of open ssl 1.0.1j

    Here is a new Windows Qt Wallet
    compiled from source



    Excellent thanks Cinnamon 🙂



    I changed the icon and updated leveldb can get the latest release here:



    I released a new version with CoinControl

    this is useful for people that either send large transactions or have a lot of small inputs which has been known to create sending issues “Transaction To Large”, with coincontrol you can consolidate these inputs, set a custom change address, or lock inputs on an address if for some reason you dont want them to move from that address and I also added mininput again so you can define a set minimum input that gets used for creating transactions

    often coincontrol is seen with PoS coins so you might see one of those joining the merge mine pools soon 😉



    We love POS 🙂



    I released a new version with minor updates and using openssl 1.0.2a

    not had spare time for any new coin releases so they are on hold atm, also been doing some bits on moving to 10.x code base but again need to get some game stuff released before I have spare time to finish testing and bug hunting

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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