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    This thread will serve to organize and plan the crowdfunding for porting BountySource (or a similar platform) to support Blakecoin and the other Blake256 coins. The purpose is to jumpstart the Blakecoin developer community by providing incentives to complete projects related to the Blakecoin Ecosystem. BountySource is a web platform for developers and the community to organize and fund open source development. Adapting it for use by the Blake community will foster growth of the infrastructure for the Blake Ecosystem.

    Please note that I am suggesting BountySource since it seemed the most appropriate software for this purpose. However, I did not do an extensive evaluation of the options available. Please let us know if you have any recommendation for other similar platforms.

    We have arranged for donations to be handled here on BCS, just go to the “Project Funding” link at the top of this page. We have also gathered some basic information about the technical aspects of this project. It will require familiarity with JavaScript, CSS, and PHP. BlueDragon already has a cart software that accepts Blakecoin and Photon, should not be difficult to extend this to support the remaining Blake derivitaves. Some effort will be required to integrate the Cart source code into BountySource. The bulk of the effort will be to write a backend, replacing BountySource interface to CoinBase with a a method of processing the Blake family of coins either locally or through a third party such as BlakeTrader. Below is a summary of the goals for this project:

    Primary Goals:
    1) Integrate Blake Cart into BountySource
    2) Add support for all the Blake Family coins to the Cart
    3) Create Blake theme/skin for BountySource
    4) Write backend code for handling Blake donations (either with local wallets or thru BlakeTrader api)
    5) Host website using completed Blake port of BountySource

    The Bounty will paid out once all of these milestones are completed. This is because donations may continue to come in, and to ensure that the project reaches completion. If multiple people contribute, or complete only individual milestones, then the judges of this bounty will do our best to divide the reward fairly. Milestone 5 is not a long term commitment – you only need to host a demo site for a while so we can verify that the code works.

    Once this bounty is completed, I intend to host a site using the software, however since the code is open source, anyone else is also welcome to host it. If someone else more experienced with web hosting wants to host it, that would be great. If you are interested in completing this bounty or operating the site once the code has been successfully ported, please mention it here so that we may collaborate and reduce duplicate effort.

    I think thats a good starting point, please comment if you have any input at all 🙂

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    Thanks for the post and the details. Looks like a good start!

    As the dev for blaketrader, I would be happy to act as a third-party to handle the coin donations. We can accept donations in any of the coins that blaketrader handles (BLC, PHO, ELT, BBTC, UMO, LITH, PPC, LTC, DOGE, and BTC), and the winner of the bounty can decide which of the above coin(s) to receive the final bounty. The donations would be guaranteed by me. I will not be involved in deciding whether the bounty is satisfied. I suggest having 2 or 3 community members be the judges. Blue and bzyzny have my votes.

    I will also contribute 5,000 BLC to this bounty. Looking forward to a nice port!



    electron-coin, thanks for the offer, I think thats a good idea since you are well equipped to handle it. I don’t have a ton of time to handle all the details of this, but will focus on planning and moderating this thread. BlueDragon and I would be logical choices for being judges, but we should try to get at least one more person who can provide an educated review of the source code. I’ll match your contribution of 5k BLC 🙂

    Is anyone interested in taking a peek at the source code of BountySource to get an idea of the feasibilty of this project?



    I do already have a working payment cart system for Blakecoin and Photon and it could be extended to work with BlakeBitcoin, Electron, Universal Molecule and Lithium with very little fuss but getting it working alongside BountySource and making payouts would be the only bit of hard work needed

    would need to write a processing script to use BlakeTrader rather than use the wallets direct but it would support more coin types I guess, most of these payment systems like whats used in BountySource are using payment processors like Paypal, Google, Coinbase to do the actual work



    If you already have a payment cart system, that may be the fastest way to go. From what I can gather, the github code is only the frontend, which connects to the bountysource backend api for the payments.

    I have an escrow platform brewing (for games) and can provide a bountysource-like backend api if we want to go that way.



    I hadn’t realized bountysource uses coinbase, but am not surprised. Using blaketrader api is certainly an option, please tell us more about how that would work, especially the escrow. Does atomic trade have an api that could be used for this? Other possibilities would be to handle wallets locally, or maybe even multisig? Just brainstorming ways to approach it.



    Maybe the solution is not computational — just trust someone from the community to adjudicate bounties, and then rely on the pledgors to send the funds directly when instructed by the judge. At least for now, while the value of the bounty is relatively small.



    There are a lot of good ideas floating around here that gravitate toward blake because (a) it works, and (b) the developers in this community are generous with their time, while also supportive of people who want to get involved in any way. The downside is that there’s a proliferation of half-finished projects. It takes me (as a somewhat helpless non-technical person) like half an hour of crawling the web to find up-to-date wallet software, or just the latest thread in a discussion. Is it on the coin homepage? The original blc forum? Bitcointalk? The new blake society forum? Github? Twitter?

    Maybe it’s relatively trivial for you programming wizards to repurpose an existing codebase to use for managing BLC bounties. But if it’s going to take weeks to make this kind of work, but only for one coin — then I would say, focus on improving the forum / wiki offerings, and on existing wallet and node software. We can handle bounties manually, especially since I suspect that both the contributors and the winners will be known personalities here.



    Zeke, you make a lot of good points. First, yes it will require trust in whoever handles the donations and i don’t see an easy way around that. However I think that having individual donors send their coin upon project completion sort of defeats the purpose of a bounty – which is to guarentee that whoever completes the bounty gets the reward. people would be less likely to work on the bounty if they do not know exactly how much they will get, some donors may forget about it by then or not have the funds they pledged anymore. I’m not ruling out the “pledge now, send upon completion” method since, like you said, its a fairly small amount presently. but I guess we have narrowed it down – either use blaketrader to handle donations, or have donors pledge and send individually. we just need to decide somehow. it’s because of these kind of logistical issues that a platform to handle bounties is the first bounty 🙂

    I agree with you that things have gotten a bit difficult to navigate for the blake community. I think BCS (this site) is intended to become the main hub. Having just one long thread on bitcointalk is not a long term solution – hopefully we can get the bulk of users to start using this forum instead. Also, as you know, I am working on a blake wiki site, so we can have a more cohesive and organized source for information about the current software versions, configuration guides etc. This will take some time to polish up though, but if anyone wants to help me get the wiki ready just let me know 😀

    Your last sentence brings up another point I forgot to mention – half the reason I thought a blakebounty site would be a good idea is to attract new developers and contributors. There are a lot of good people in the blake community, but only a handful that are skilled developers. although I’m a pretty tech oriented person, programming is something i never got far with, so im trying to find other ways to contribute to the community, like organizing this bounty.

    Yes, this bounty project may take weeks but the goal is to have it support all blake family coins not just one.

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    Ok I would like to clear a few things up

    1. This site is going to be for the whole community for all coins supported
    2. Members fees and donations can/should be used for bounties for projects if needed so far ~10K has been raised
    3. The council of 5 elders are who votes on decisions for projects and other BCS plans *note they are not all elected yet so I am doing most of the decision making for now my hope is that its a little more self sufficient in the future
    4. Payment processing for Fees or Donations is already done here for BLC/PHO with other coins to be added can add others apart for just membership and donations maybe for specific projects
    5. I thought this BountySource was for attracting new developers and not for organizing things as that is what BCS is supposed to do it can also hold funds as it also trusted?



    im a little unclear about your point 5. Yes, the BountySource thing is to attract new developers by organizing bounties for source code projects (it is not a general crowdfunding platform like kickstarter). There wouldnt be any organizing going on at BlakeBounties (tentative name), just bounty management. Is that what you mean? Secondly, are you suggesting that BCS should hold the donations for this initial bounty? If so, I would be fine with that since you are most trusted member of the community, I just know that I dont want to handle the donations myself 😛



    Just tell me where to send my BLC or PHO donations for bounties. I like the idea of a way to make project-specific bounty donations. Can the donations all be made to the same address for each coin, so that we can audit?



    Holding of funds for bounty project = BCS via the page

    judging of project vs requirement = BCS council of elders + me

    proposal of ideas = all members

    council of elders = 5 people that are supposed to help manage and organize on behalf of the Blake eco system and reduce my work load

    BountySource(BlakeBounties) while its a good idea as Zeke pointed out we still have quite a few open projects and I do think that most of the requirements that BountySource(BlakeBounties) could provide can also be done here at the BCS without any further work and leave more funds available for other project bounties but still if we can find a new dev to do it them I am all for it, new devs are needed!

    here are a few ideas I know would be nice to get done:
    – Android/IOS wallet/app
    – A better cuda miner
    – P2P contracts with GPG/PGP
    – Porting other Bitcoin services and software

    Once the game site is public I will be doing the following
    – Porting to 9.3 code base and the merge mine branch for other coins
    – Releasing Tachyon PoW/PoS merge mine coin
    – Getting the closed beta game client released




    could forward payment to a known Project bounty address or just publish the tx id

    new wallet/software updates should also be posted here on BCS forum to centralize things for the eco system like cinnamon has done already

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    BCS is holding 23k BLC for this project bounty so far 🙂


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