Flashing the Lancelot FPGA with impact

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    These are the steps I used to successfully flash the Lancelot FPGA:

    1. Connect the jtag (from left to right: VCC/GND/TCK/TDO/TDI/TMS)
    2. Power up fpga
    3. Start Impact “configure device using boundary-scan (JTAG)” click OK
    4. Assign Configuration file “blakeminer_FourGatexClk_3core_fmax-102.bit
    5. Attach SPI/BPI Prom click YES select “blakeminer_FourGatexClk_3core_fmax-102.mcs
    -select [SPI PROM] [W25Q64BV/cv] Data width: 1
    6. Press ok
    7. Program the “Flash” for both chip’s
    –(if programing the flash is not taking refer to step 6 & 7 in the Icarus guide)

    Now you can power cycle the fpga and the Blake bitstream will still be there.

    FTDI USB driver: Link

    I was able to figure this out by reading trough the post’s on Bitcointalk

    Thanks to kramble and BlueDragon747 for making this work!

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